Medical Advice

  • Can I obtain medical advice through KRY?

    Yes. Through KRY you can book an appointment with a GP and obtain medical advice from them in the consultation. To see common symptoms we can help you with, please see our 'Symptoms' FAQs section.

    If you have medical questions, we recommend you to download the KRY app and book an appointment with one of the GPs. Unfortunately KRY support cannot provide general information about health, diseases or give medical advice.



  • Can I use KRY in a medical emergency?

    No. KRY should not be used to seek help for medical emergencies.

    In case of an emergency, call 999 immediately.

    If you are unsure as to whether it is an emergency, please call NHS 111.



  • Can I obtain a prescription through KRY?


    As during any other physical GP appointment, your GP will evaluate your condition and assess what the best treatment is for you. If your GP believes that you are in need of medication they will write you an NHS prescription. The GP will ask you during the consultation which specific pharmacy you would like to collect your prescription from and the pharmacy you select will become your nominated pharmacy. 


    Prescription Renewal:

    You can also book an appointment with a GP through KRY to obtain a prescription renewal. If the GP believes your previous medication to still be appropriate, they will write you a new prescription.

    Please note that the doctors at KRY cannot prescribe medication that is classified as narcotic medication.

  • Where can I pick up my prescription from?

    If your GP believes you need to be prescribed medication, they will ask you during the consultation to select a specific pharmacy where you would like to collect the prescription from. This pharmacy will become you nominated pharmacy.

    You will only be able to pick up your prescription from your nominated pharmacy. 

    Should you experience any difficulties with your prescription, or you cannot recall which pharmacy you nominated, please do not hesitate to contact our KRY Support team on 033 0808 2074 and we will help you.


  • Can I receive an NHS referral for secondary care through KRY?

    Yes. If your GP believes that you are in need of further secondary care they will refer you to see an NHS specialist.

    You will receive a message to your inbox in the KRY app confirming the referral following the consultation.

    Through KRY, you can also obtain a private referral. For private referrals, you will be sent the details via an inbox message to your KRY app which you can then print or email if you wish to do so.

  • Can I be referred for a physical GP appointment?

    Yes. If your GP believes that you are in need of further primary care then they will refer you for a physical GP appointment at your local NHS GP surgery.

    Following your consultation, you will receive information about the referral to your inbox in the KRY app.

Sick notes

  • Can I get a sick note through KRY?

    Through KRY, GPs can write you a private sick note on the condition that there is no requirement for a physical examination to issue the note. It is up to each GP to make an individual assessment of you as a patient. As an NHS patient, the sick note is free of charge.

    Please note, GPs at KRY do not write sick notes for the first 7 calendar days of your illness. If this is required, self-certification can be done via the Government Digital Services website. GPs at KRY  do not write sick notes for longer than 14 days and are unable to back-date the notes. 


  • How do I retrieve my sick note?

    The sick note will be sent to your inbox in the KRY app, attached as a PDF file.

    Open the app and click on the inbox tab at the bottom of the screen. Open the message with the sick note and click on the PDF icon. You will now see the sick note on the screen in your phone or tablet.

    Click on the sick note again. You will now get an icon in the lower left corner (a square with an arrow in). Click on it and you will see the different options. You can then choose to print or e-mail the sick note.

My medical record

  • Will my consultation be recorded in my medical journal?

    Yes, just like with a physical visit your consultation will be documented in your medical record in the NHS electronic health record system by your NHS GP.


  • Can KRY see my medical history?

    Whilst booking a GP appointment through KRY, you will be asked to give your consent to allow your NHS GP access to your medical records. If you give consent, your GP can then view your Summary Care Record and medical history via the NHS electronic health record system.